A Wandering War Village.
Depicted are a series of small, mostly negative interactions between people on the back of a bipedal behemoth of industrial and insubstantial shelters. The population rests upon and exists solely for the war machine itself.

On the artists reflection, this work is derivative of the opening, interstitial and closing scenes depicted in the 1987 animated film “Robot Carnival” by Atsuko Fukushima and Katsuhiro Otomo. Corriea saw this film in 1994 at 15 years old. It opened his eyes to the origins of that film, Japan. Setting him on a path to discover and understand the country and people who created it. The debauchery of the sequences in that film stayed with him to the present day and informed his process. This work stands as a testament to the influence that this media had on his generation, the parturition of a generational touchstone into a developmental artifact.

  • For Series of Assemblage Sculpture and Wall Adornments

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